Winds, Trees, and Hellcats, Oh My!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a great trip seeing lots of folks that we haven’t seen in awhile.  We got to enjoy a couple of car shows along the way.  I didn’t take anything along to enter, but it was nice to walk the rows of vehicles, mingle with the owners and discuss their vehicles.

Walking the Rows

People who love cars just get it.  There is a connection between the owner and the car.  The hard work, sweat, and blood that is poured in to restoring and cleaning your prized vehicle is time well spent.

One of the shows that we got to visit was in North Oklahoma City.  We pulled into Edmond the afternoon before the show and just before a large thunderstorm rolled in.  We were staying with family in North Edmond and parked in their driveway.  Well, the wind picked up as the storm blew in and before we knew it a large branch had fallen in to the back of my pickup and damaged the left side of the vehicle.

My back’s not as good as it used to be, so we called up an Edmond tree trimmer and had him remove it.  Then Bob’s Body and Repair came out and looked it over and took it in to fix her up.  We ended up staying in Edmond longer than anticipated because of this problem, but it worked out.

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King of the Mods

Oh that I may get my greasy hands upon one…  the 1970 426 Hemi V8 Plymouth Superbird.   AAAAAHHHH…  Can we have a collective sigh here?!

With only 135 of the rumbling renegades outfitted with the 426 Hemi, it is unlikely that I will ever have the opportunity to own and drive one of these Ball Bustin’ Beauties!  But, a man can dream right?!

This long bodied monster was Plymouth’s solution to bringing Richard Petty back to Team Plymouth for the 1970 NASCAR season.  Plymouth execs listened and answered the call…BIG TIME.

Richard Petty's 1970 Superbird
Richard Petty’s 1970 Superbird / Source – ckirkman at flickr

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