New Year Fun

Well, I better get my ass in gear and do more posting if I am going to keep you guys interested!

These last few weeks have been amazingly busy for me.  Christmas was nuts.  New Years was nuts.  The first few weeks of the year have been nuts.

I have been traveling like crazy for several weeks with just a few days in between trips at home.  It is driving my wife and kiddos nuts, but necessary for business.  Somewhere in there after Christmas we took some time for ourselves as a family and hit the road for a great road trip to Southwestern Colorado.  It was nice to spend some time on the road and in Pagosa Springs with them.  We got to see quite a few sights on the road and had some “car spotting” moments!

My wife took my hint and bought a fantastic gift for me for Christmas.  She bought the motorcycle dolly I mentioned in my last blog entry.  LOVE IT.  With a lifetime history of back issues, this takes all of the trouble out of maneuvering my two-wheeled lover around the garage.

In other news, with part of my traveling, I have started working out a deal with a fairly notable car news magazine working as a regular guest columnist.  This would be a fantastic bump for my family in terms of income and wonderful for me as a writer and car enthusiast.

Have you been watching the Mecum Auctions?  There have been some beautiful vehicles being pushed across that stage!  My father-in-law and I watched a couple of hours of it last night and were astonished at the low prices that some of the vehicles were being snatched up for.

Take care of yourself people.  It’s a big world out there.  Do something good for someone else today.  Be kind and courteous to others.  I’m astonished at the lack of basic human courtesy that exists in this world.  Act like the Good Lord acted when he walked upon this ball of dirt.  Love one another.