New Year Fun

Well, I better get my ass in gear and do more posting if I am going to keep you guys interested!

These last few weeks have been amazingly busy for me.  Christmas was nuts.  New Years was nuts.  The first few weeks of the year have been nuts.

I have been traveling like crazy for several weeks with just a few days in between trips at home.  It is driving my wife and kiddos nuts, but necessary for business.  Somewhere in there after Christmas we took some time for ourselves as a family and hit the road for a great road trip to Southwestern Colorado.  It was nice to spend some time on the road and in Pagosa Springs with them.  We got to see quite a few sights on the road and had some “car spotting” moments!

My wife took my hint and bought a fantastic gift for me for Christmas.  She bought the motorcycle dolly I mentioned in my last blog entry.  LOVE IT.  With a lifetime history of back issues, this takes all of the trouble out of maneuvering my two-wheeled lover around the garage.

In other news, with part of my traveling, I have started working out a deal with a fairly notable car news magazine working as a regular guest columnist.  This would be a fantastic bump for my family in terms of income and wonderful for me as a writer and car enthusiast.

Have you been watching the Mecum Auctions?  There have been some beautiful vehicles being pushed across that stage!  My father-in-law and I watched a couple of hours of it last night and were astonished at the low prices that some of the vehicles were being snatched up for.

Take care of yourself people.  It’s a big world out there.  Do something good for someone else today.  Be kind and courteous to others.  I’m astonished at the lack of basic human courtesy that exists in this world.  Act like the Good Lord acted when he walked upon this ball of dirt.  Love one another.

Motorcycle Gift Guide

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, sorry for my absence.  At our house, the holidays are in full force already with Halloween right around the corner, Thanksgiving creeping up quickly behind and Christmas right on the heels.  With the holidays inevitably comes gift buying, so today in the spirit of my hog riding brothers, I’ll throw you some motorcycle gift buying ideas!

The Glorious Beast
The Glorious Beast

Do you have a motorcyclist in your family? Wondering just what to obtain them this year for Christmas? Gear is always a smart place to start.  By the way, can you ever too much clothing?  Nope.  Same for the bike monkey in your life!

You could possibly start with security included with a present by purchasing simply the ideal headgear. You could purchase all different types of headgears. The various safety helmet designs include, full face motorbike safety helmets, fifty percent motorbike helmets, German bike headgears, beanie motorbike helmets, even motocross motorcycle helmets. With awesome looking stickers or graphics repainted in just the ideal color, there is a wonderful motorcycle helmet for anyone. Elegant safety eye wear is an idea also. Getting the best set of sunglasses or motorcycle goggles for your loved one is an excellent option. They are available in a variety of shapes and shades, as well as the lenses are in some cases tinted yellow. The yellow pigmentation has actually been confirmed to assist reduce glare, and also aid improve vision during the night.

For your motorcycle enthusiast family members and friends, have you ever considered how hard it might be to store their bike with the maze of boxes and other toys in the garage?  I found the coolest and what looks to be the best product out there for assisting in motorcycle storage.  You can check out the video for it.  They say this is the best motorcycle dolly out there!

A cozy natural leather motorcycle coat to maintain the wind out is one more gift, and also one they could use all year long, not merely in the summertime. There are several styles to pick from when acquiring a leather motorbike coat. Denim bike jackets are popular also, although not used in colder climates a lot. A good pair of leather bike lads for the lengthy trip house is a fantastic present for any kind of motorcycle cyclist. These will complement practically other motorbike garments, as well as can be a wonderful enhancement to any kind of motorcycle riders wardrobe. Leather motorbike boots as well as full fingered or half fingered motorcycle gloves made with natural leather and other products are a terrific enhancement to the motorbike natural leather jacket as well as motorbike clothing that you purchase them for a present for Christmas.

Do they reside in an area that gets a whole lot of rain each year? A collection of rain gear to aid shield all that leather would be terrific too. The most destructive result to natural leather is rain, and with the appropriate motorbike rain gear, you can aid shield their Christmas gift and your investment for numerous years ahead.

If the motorbike rider that you are buying a present for is not seeking motorbike clothes, after that some equipment for their bike would certainly be outstanding. There are various points you could get to add life to a motorbike, without ever before needing to damage the bank. The bike canvas cover is a great choice, as is the motorbike wire and lock system. After that there is the baggage systems available that make the storage space and also freight location of a motorbike morn than dual, The most typical kind of system are referred to as bike saddle bags. You could likewise get bike tool bags that position appropriate to the take care of bars, and also a bike sissy bar shelf pack for storing bigger items.

No matter what sort of motorbike equipment you get as a present for the motorcyclists in your life, you can’t fail if you will just do a little research on the front end!

Catch you on the next post…until then, keep strokin’!

Winds, Trees, and Hellcats, Oh My!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a great trip seeing lots of folks that we haven’t seen in awhile.  We got to enjoy a couple of car shows along the way.  I didn’t take anything along to enter, but it was nice to walk the rows of vehicles, mingle with the owners and discuss their vehicles.

Walking the Rows

People who love cars just get it.  There is a connection between the owner and the car.  The hard work, sweat, and blood that is poured in to restoring and cleaning your prized vehicle is time well spent.

One of the shows that we got to visit was in North Oklahoma City.  We pulled into Edmond the afternoon before the show and just before a large thunderstorm rolled in.  We were staying with family in North Edmond and parked in their driveway.  Well, the wind picked up as the storm blew in and before we knew it a large branch had fallen in to the back of my pickup and damaged the left side of the vehicle.

My back’s not as good as it used to be, so we called up an Edmond tree trimmer and had him remove it.  Then Bob’s Body and Repair came out and looked it over and took it in to fix her up.  We ended up staying in Edmond longer than anticipated because of this problem, but it worked out.

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Car Vs. Plane

Hey there again folks!  We’ve been puttin some miles on the ole tires the last few weeks traveling around the Midwest and the South Central US.  Enjoyed seeing family and friends in Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.

Don’t you know we saw a lot of nice rides traveling the highways and byways, and quite a few head turners.  It was quite the adventure, but we’re happier to be back home than a ringless Frodo.

I should have plenty of car related stories to share over the next few weeks, but for now I will leave you with this one…

Have you ever had a foreboding sense that something on the road was creeping up on you?  I wonder if the drivers of the vehicles going in the opposite direction (in this video) felt the sense that something was about to happen?

Well, you are about to call me a liar, but I swear to you that I saw this…  We were driving on a US Hwy outside of Omaha, NE and had stopped at a small filling station.  We were out in the country, and you could see for miles in either direction.  While filling up, I looked down the road and about a mile away I could see a sports car racing a small lightweight aircraft.  Definitely not as cool as a Fighter Jet racing a rocket powered land monster, but it was still cool to watch.  They were both flying down the road without there seeming to be an endpoint to their machine driven tussle.  Eye candy for the day.

Livin the Modified Life…

King of the Mods

Oh that I may get my greasy hands upon one…  the 1970 426 Hemi V8 Plymouth Superbird.   AAAAAHHHH…  Can we have a collective sigh here?!

With only 135 of the rumbling renegades outfitted with the 426 Hemi, it is unlikely that I will ever have the opportunity to own and drive one of these Ball Bustin’ Beauties!  But, a man can dream right?!

This long bodied monster was Plymouth’s solution to bringing Richard Petty back to Team Plymouth for the 1970 NASCAR season.  Plymouth execs listened and answered the call…BIG TIME.

Richard Petty's 1970 Superbird
Richard Petty’s 1970 Superbird / Source – ckirkman at flickr

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